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Quick summary of our step-by-step solution for homeowners

National Land's 4 step solution

National Land's start-to-finish four-step solution to add value to your garden land through planning gain, then sell for a profit.

This is what we'll do for you—

  • We'll provide all the expertise. Garden development is our speciality so you'll get the best advice and information to help you get the most out of your garden land.
  • We'll cover all the expenses even providing you with a budget of £1,000 toward YOUR legal cost, so you don't have to worry about risking any of your capital. We risk our own money.
  • We'll manage the whole solution from the planning stage to land-sale so you'll lose no time going back and forth between professionals.
  • We'll find a reliable buyer and wont charge you for your land who we know has the capability to buy your land. This saves a lot of time (and money for you) because we don't charge you a commission fee for this and it means the sales solution is shortened from the typical 3 months it takes most agents to find a buyer and complete.

Our Start-to-finish solution can be broken down into 4 steps as illustrated below

Your 100% guarantee

Our promise to you (It's a Guarantee really)—"You wont ever have to dip your hand in your pocket for your land appraisal, planning application or land sale. Ever. And we'll even give you £1,000 toward your solicitor fees!"

National Land's 100% guarantee

Our comprehensive guarantee is designed to protect you against being charged any money for your land appraisal, planning application and land sale. WE GUARANTEE you wont be charged a penny..

We'll give your solicitor £1,000 to cover Your legal fees

We'll give your solicitor £1,000 from our pocket to cover YOUR legal fees.

£1,000 paid to your solicitor

£1,000 paid to your solicitor to cover your legal fees..

IF... you're happy with our land appraisal valuation and offer to you, and, you're happy to use our "no-risk, no-cost, no-hassle" solution, then we would proceed to legals so we could agree on an option agreement to buy your land. And this involves hiring a good "Commercial" solicitor to advise you and to help with the sale.

We think £1,000 is usually enough to cover the expenses for a reasonably good solicitor to advise you. (By the way, if you don't have a good commercial solicitor we can usually recommend one we know to you.

Step 1

Step 1 of our start-to-finish solution for homeowners. Schedule your callback or book in your free land appraisal to get all your questions answered. There is no-obligation or commitment at this stage.

Step 1—Let's talk! We'll speak on the phone, no-charge, book-in your land appraisal and tell you...

  • The answer any questions you might have
  • What we think about your land (from our initial research)
  • Whether we think planning is possible or not.
  • What you could (potentially) get planning for.
  • How much we could pay you for it. Just ball park figures at this stage—this usually goes up once we start the research for your land appraisal.
  • How all this could work—the solution step-by-step.
  • We'll talk about the next step of putting your FREE land appraisal together and getting you planning permission.

Whatever questions you have, we'll try our best to give you accurate answers right there and then, or we'll come back to you with more details later. By the end of the call you'll be satisfied and confident of the solution step-by-step and you'll have an idea how long this will most likely take. Just for guideline only. You can also refer to our Most frequently asked questions page to see if the answer you are looking for is there.

Step 2

Step 2 of our start-to-finish solution for homeowners. Get your FREE land appraisal and find out what development potential your land actually has, and what we can pay for it. There is no-obligation or commitment at this stage.

Step 2—Let's value the land. We'll provide you a land appraisal, no-charge (Some companies have charged up to £500 for this). Your land appraisal will highlight to you...

  • How much we can actually pay you for your land.
  • What planning permission you are most likely to achieve.
  • Any other details we think may help or hinder your likely success at planning.

You'll have more questions and we'll be able to answer them when we meet to go through your appraisal.

If you like our land appraisal and we both think we are a good fit for each other we'll agree the price using an option agreement. This is a simple document that lots of different types of businesses use including land specialists.

At this point you'll need to appoint a solicitor (a commercial solicitor is much better than one who just knows about property conveyancing) to go through the details with you. It's pretty simple and we want to make sure you understand everything.

To help you we'll send £1,000 to your solicitor to cover the cost.

Step 3

Step 3 of our start-to-finish solution for homeowners. Get your no-cost-to-you planning permission. We pay for your planning so you don't have to risk your own money.

Step 3—Let's apply for planning, no-charge. We'll apply for planning and pay all the expenses...

  • As we all know, "Planning is not an Science but is more of an Art," so it's important we put together a detailed strategy and plan straight away how best to approach and present to the local planning authority and to your neighbours.
  • We'll come up with a strategy how best to put your application together and get the permission we need. It's not just a case of submitting a planning app.—We have to present the app. in the right way too and that's why we include well-thought-out design and access statements along with a host of specialist reports such as typographical surveys, right-of-light surveys or traffic management reports. Each case is different.

  • We'll provide "ALL of the expertise" and specialist professionals needed to make the planning application successful. We don't scrimp on cost because we know the quality of the professionals we use makes the biggest difference.
  • We'll project manage the planning solution by continuously steering it in the right direction. We maintain communication with the professionals we use as well as the local council.
  • We'll cover all the expenses and incase you're wondering why we do this, there are a couple of reasons. Firstly, it means we only move forward with you because we are confident we can get planning and sell the land for you. Second, when it's time for us to put together your team of professionals we are guided by quality of service rather than price. We've learnt the hard way that sometimes using cheaper consultants just slows the project down, and that's one thing we always try to avoid.

Step 4

Step 4 of our start-to-finish solution for homeowners. We'll Sell your land and pay you the agreed price through your solicitor.

Step 4—Let's sell it. We'll sell or even pre-sell your land for you, no-commission...

  • We'll vet all the interested buyers we know to make sure they are reliable.
  • We'll ensure they have the desire, capability and readiness to buy your land once planning has been granted.
  • We'll get the buyer to commit upfront before we even apply for planning to buy your land. This is the greatest way to eliminate Risk and save huge amounts of time. WHY? Because we know there's a "ready buyer" for the planning permission we are about to get for you, and more importantly, they are willing to pay our price. And finally it means we wont have to waste time after the planning permission comes through. Our way is the best way we have found to eliminate the most amount of risk for you (and for us).
  • We'll sell your land discreetly and we offer complete confidentiality.

We call the above service our start-to-finish solution. It's the perfect, no-hassle, risk and cost-free approach to unlocking the cash you have in your garden.

If you're ready to explore the idea here are 3 easy no-obligation ways to get started....

The simplest way to start is to—

  1. Call us on 020-3137-8676, or you can...
  2. Request a callback at a convenient time, or you can...
  3. Book in a FREE garden land appraisal where we will assess the value of your garden and research what could be built. All for FREE and no-commitment.

Either way, we will take the time to answer all your questions.
Alternatively, you might want to take a moment to—

Get your FREE garden land appraisal

Request a FREE garden land appraisal

Request your Free garden land appraisal and find out...

  1. If & what you can develop.
  2. The value—what we can pay you.

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