Turn your garden space into £10,000's or even £100,000's

Discover how you too can cash-in on the ground that’s right under your feet.

How we can help you get the most out of your #no.1 asset—your garden land

We are professional land specialists who help homeowners like you extract cash literally from under your feet—we find ways to redevelop your garden based on the latest planning laws. And, we are very good at it.

Who we are, and why we can help

Our speciality is in backland, infill and missing plot residential redevelopment. We don't do anything else. Using our extensive experience and specialised knowledge we help you obtain planning permission on your garden land and sell it for you for a handsome profit. We offer a unique No-cost-No-risk solution where we cover all the costs of valuing your land, submitting a planning application, and selling after planning is consented to a local developer or builder.

What is a land specialist anyway and why should we use you?

All we do is find great ways to redevelop gardens. That's it. All day long. Every single day. 24/7. 365 days a year... you get the idea. The result is, is that we have become particularly good at submitting planning applications, assembling larger plots (more money for everyone) and gaining planning consents. We already know you'll appreciate the hassle, headache, time and effort you'll save by working with us because that's what our other homeowners tell us. And we do it all without charging you a penny. How is this possible? That's easy. Because we charge the buyer—not you. You don't even pay for the planning application or the sale. We do and charge the buyer when he completes the purchase.

Land Specialists are a cross between what an architect, town planner, planning consultant, estate agent and property developer might offer you—All rolled up into one professional service. Our speciality is working with homeowners so we understand the planning game intimately at this level. We have over 17 years of property, planning and property development experience. All real experience we invest into your project. And our team of in-house and out-of-house professionals bring decades of experience with them. That's why we get great results—Our track record is impeccable with only one planning refusal in the last 5 years. The best part is—we take the risk out of the entire process for you. Right up front, we find a qualified buyer willing to pay the right price for the planning we are about to apply for.

We've made it easy

Whatever your reason is for releasing some equity—whether it's to give money to a family member or a way to secure your retirement... or if you are simply tired or unable to maintain a large garden, we hope we've made it as simple and risk-free as possible to go ahead.
  • We cover the costs.
  • We bring the expertise.
  • We submit the planning app.
  • We bring the buyer.
  • We manage the process.
From beginning to end. It's just one professional service we offer that begins by requesting a free initial garden land appraisal or by calling 020-3137-8676.

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